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Bookkeeping is another job that many business owners hate. But imagine this:

It’s the end of the month, a machine’s broken down, you’ve got orders to get out of the door, the phone won’t stop ringing, it’s pay day, you’ve got your VAT return to do online, suppliers want paying, you don’t know what you owe them, you’ve got no cash to pay them because you haven’t been debt chasing, you don’t know who owes you what. It’s a recipe for disaster.

The answer is to outsource your bookkeeping. This brings with it many advantages including that it:

  • Frees up your time
  • Keeps paperwork up-to-date
  • Allows you to comfortably meet your statutory rights
  • Provides up-to-date reports for customers and suppliers, including information on who owes you and who you owe
  • Can be completed over different periods including weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly
  • Establishes a timetable of when you get your information
  • Is completed by dedicated and trained staff who are up-to-date with current VAT legislation and the latest software

Bookkeeping also streamlines the year end accounts process as the record could be ready around a month after your year end, giving you timely, accurate information quickly. This will enable you to assess how your business is performing and be informed of any tax liabilities that have arisen.

We offer a flexible, competitively priced and complete service. The cost of our service often works out cheaper than employing someone to do it and the annual software updates make it an extremely cost effective service.

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